Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogging again!

Yes! I am back to the blogging world! I was sick of communicating to everyone through e-mail. The quick, anti-social response, "Just look at the blog!" prevents wasting my meager time on you individuals. Besides, I have bigger goals. Like writing the best cult zombie film and bringing the goodness of vegan food to the world.

This is the 1st time I've cooked in ages. I mean, I've cooked, but what I really wish to connote is cooking in the elaborate, zen-chef sense. I mean, spending two hours on just one dish for myself and then telling a whole bunch of people (who could probably care less) all about it. This sort of cooking is much more preferable because otherwise I eat something that doesn't really hit the spot, so I look for something better and then, 2 kilos later, I still don't have what I want. Additionally, it leaves me feeling like I've accomplished something great in the day if I've made something uber tasty, however temporal. SO, if you haven't lately, get out and make yourself something good. You deserve it.

I give you Marinated Italian Tofu à la Vegan with a Vengance (otherwise known as VwaV, to everyone that's cool) with a side of black beans and raw kohlrabi, a kind of German turnip. I made a gravy with the marinade by heating it then adding a bit of nooch (vegan pixie dust), extra water and flour, to thicken in up. The marinade is perfect and simple and gives you a good reason to open up that bottle of white wine that someone left at your last house party.

unphotoshopped. be gentle

While taking a photo of this (okay, I took about 16 and then settled on this one, you happy?), a neighbor walked by the window where I was in my artistic trance and says loudly, "Sehr schön!" ("very pretty!") and I was both startled and embarassed, like I was photographing real porn, not the food kind.

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