Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Welcome You to March with Bog Water

Just joking - it's curried split pea soup from Vegan With a Vengance. This would've been a great opportunity to finally use up my €0.99 bag of dried peas, but the other day I was adding peas to a marvelous salad and I forgot to return the bag to the freezer. The peas thawed. I thought it would be bad to re-freeze them, so I made this soup with the poor little guys instead. To make the pea soup more split-y, I stuck my immersion blender in at the end and gave it a couple spins.

The soup is very simple, a real no-brainer, but it isn't quite up to Isa standards, which are high. Then again, I don't have the best ingredients on hand. (read: I don't have very many spices in my cabinet and those that I possess are not of the highest quality.)

So now I can say that today I: made soup, took a photo of it, and posted it on the internet. Yay productivity!

p.s. February was a bad blogging month, but I promise you that March will be much better.


Regina said...

What a beautiful green soup. Did you add marjoram? Speaking of soups, I started reading PO. Amusing in a depressing way, so far. I have cravings for deli food from Green Life on this blustery snowy day. the daffodils are confused. maybe we'll head to chatty. Remember, March "fourth".

Karen said...

Hi Rach,
Long time no reado your blogo.
Its a cold windy snowy March 1st in Sewanee. There is a big party for Bob Jones. I guess you heard about his sudden death Friday a week ago.
Tim went to the all night vigil last night and spent some time.

We rescued the puppy your mom would not let Anna keep... sorry. I think we'll keep it. She is very cute. More later. Miss you.

Tim said...

Split pea soup does sound wonderful. I wish the folks at SAS who are supposed to cook could actually cook. I don't complain because cooking is not my duty and I'm happy for the income I get, thank you very much.

And yes, we rescued the pup. She is quite adorable, but likes to chew on things, and will probably be very big. I wanted to name her Sophie, but the name "Callie" (short for Calliope) seems to have stuck. Oh well.

Much love

Mandie P said...

now that's something I could actually eat! looks tasty!