Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's funny about this picture?

Kulinarische Leckerbissen samt Rheinblick und Ballon-Spektakel erwarteten die Besucher der Mittsommernacht am Wochenende.
This photo was on the front page of our local paper yesterday. The caption basically reads: Guests enjoy cultural treats while awaiting the Midsummer night on the weekend. I asked the 14 year old and a friend who he had over, what was funny about the photo. They each examined it carefully, but could find nothing. I gave them the answer: "It's a midsummer party and they're wearing jackets and scarves!" Oh, I hate you, German summer.


Tim said...

I don't care too much about temperature. Hell, as long as it's not -40, I'm fine. Just give me longer days!

Regina said...

when I read, "midsummer" I thought, oh, how sad. they look cold, but sedated, or getting there. that's not my kinda summer. it's just not right.

Janet said...

Good thing you're home!