Monday, December 24, 2007

Expect nothing and you shall recieve

Seriously, y'all. I didn't think I'd get anything for Weihnachten and I got: house slippers, fleace gloves, a sci fi book, and a learning Deutsch book from the Dad, a pretty necklace from Susanna, and then from my mom I got vanilla extract and about €25 worth of Advil, which is of course about $2.50 and vanilla extract? Unheard of in Euroland. For myself I got a 4 pack of Belgian beers which I've been enjoying whilst I watched Coffee and Cigarettes; this fantastic artsy-ass film that everyone and their mom should see.

Oh! I forgot that from the Putzfrau I received some mascara and perfume. And I'm talking Lancome and Givinche. I don't believe that Lancome tests on animals either, so that's really quite the plus.

Ein Shönes Weihnachten am alles!

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