Thursday, December 20, 2007

This kid ain't doin' too much.

So, I'm starting a blog. Go ahead and start placing your bets as to how long it may last. I've got €5 on me keeping it through January. The money pool will be collecting in my various student loan accounts. Money back not guaranteed.

I'm thinking that this whole thing is going to be about the various minuscule things that I do; such as: bake vegan cupcakes, successfully fry tofu, dream, learn German, travel Europe, vacuum, take pictures and play with the kid that I aupair for. This is not going to be a place where I express my opinions on politics, literature, theatre or your ex-boyfriend because I'm a little lazy, pretty apathetic and, like any pimp, I don't want no trouble.

I'll start with what I did yesterday because today I'm tired from having danced all night in a disco and am waiting for the unfailingly late cleaning woman to come. She talks to me very loudly in German and terrible French, but she means well. Really.

The lake behind our house is frozen because it's been bitingly cold. On the upside, we have a freaking lake behind house (!) and I haven't seen clouds for an all-time record of 3 days. It was a good occasion for photo making.

I put some other ones on my flickr. Now, if you're anything like me, I'd like to caution you before you start going through all my flickr photos. CAUTION.


Tim said...

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Nice lake!

Anna O said...

gourgousss pics