Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Locked Out!

I was locked out the house today and I knew that our neighbors did not have an extra key. I piled these things up so as to get through my bedroom window above and prayed that no neighbors would notice.

Ok, so the winter garden's sliding doors were open and both windows to my room were cracked at the top (if you're American, you probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about). I stacked up the picnic table with a bench, and the platform outside the winter garden just as it's shown in the top photograph. Then, I skiddled over the winter garden's roof. That crack has always been there, but when I walked over it, I could guess that someone had previously been in my same predicament. Cue music, *She came in through the bedroom window...*

This morning I made rhubarb, coconut, rum cupcakes. My own random made-up recipe because we've got this rhubarb stuff in the fridge and someone's gotta use it. I like the wrappers and how they match the plate. They came from Holland and actually fit the cupcake tin, unlike all the Deutche ones I've tried.

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Regina said...

I didn't know they grow rhubarb in Europe, but there's alot I don't know. I love the photos of the stacked furniture. By putting it on your blog, Michael will probably find out once this story gets around the world a few times. :-)