Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Pleasant Week

The leaves have blossomed on many of the trees. I went for a hike with Amanda from Alabama and here is what we saw:

Amanda was set on visiting a brewery this weekend, so we checked it out on the internets and realized that there were two very close to us. Amanda, quite fortunately, has a car so on two seperate days we took lovely rides to each brewery.

Friday my kid didn't have school and Amanda didn't have to work, so we visited our first brewery. It wasn't as exciting as we'd hoped, but we did taste some very good beer for not too many Euros. + we got to see one of the guys that was on the pamphlet. When I saw him my face lit up and a whispered loudly to Amanda, "He's on the pamphlet!" while I pointed emphatically held it too close to her face that she could make adequate comparison.

^^brasserie de Grain d'orge ^^

Then we noticed that most of the people that walked into this café in the tiny town of Hombourg, Belgium looked rather alike. We guessed that more than a few were related in some way or another.

^^brasserie de Grain d'orge ^^

On Saturday we went to L'Abbey du Val-Dieu. It's owned by monks and unlike the former brewery, we did not see any of it's owners. I suspected them to be submersed in Gregorian chants whilst they smacked Bibles against their visages.

^^me and amanda drinkin' beer at the abbey^^


Tim said...

"Pie jesu domine..."
"Dona eis requiem."

sorry, I couldn't resist.

Regina said...

et cum spiritu tuo

Beautiful photos, Rachel! I love the snail. Who's the Asian woman? Fenny?

That's funny about all the Belgians looking alike in that town. Kinda like Tennessee. :-)