Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30 days of blogging

Yes, I am out of the habit of blogging, but I still like to blog! I'm always thinking, "oh, I could blog about that!", but then I don't because I've got so much stuff that happened before that to blog about. There's been a blog backup!! But as am whittling the hours away (my German course doesn't begin until the 8th of Sept), I'm finding myself kinda lacking in the entertainment realm. So, back to the blog I come and boy have I got things to share!

I promise to blog every day for 30days, so basically a month. Except week-ends. Let's say that I can stop the last day of September, then, shall we?

Here's something to share: I stubbed my toe the other day and this is what happened!

complete with toe jam!

Here are some other things that I need to inform y'all about:

Dad's visit. We saw Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Freiburg, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Aachen together. He went to Cologne alone, lost my cell phone and drove around Neuss (where I live), lost, for an hour despite having directions and a map.

I've been working on making friends in Düsseldorf and organized a couchsurfing meeting there last Saturday.

I met with an old couchsurfing friend from Hamburg in Cologne. It was lovely. We had breakfast in a vegan-friendly café and a had a Soyamilchkaffee (I'm not sure if that's all one word, but knowing the Germans.... Anyway, it's a soy milk coffee.) and it kicked asparagus. Yes, these kinds of things will make my week-end.

I read this book called "Tales of a Female Nomad" that's inspiring me to move to a developing country; perhaps as an aid worker? I was thinking a French-speaking african country.

I'm going to Lille, France Sept 5-7th for a couchsurfing meeting. I should be looking for a couch to surf, but I'm not!

I did 45 push-ups yesterday! so what if they were on my knees?

I'll leave you with this beautiful italian marinated tofu that me and Dad picnicked with on the Rhein in Düsseldorf. The marinade is absolutely perfect and comes from Vegan with a Vengance. If you don't use any other recipe in the book (which would be silly), this recipe alone is worth the price of the book. So simple and great!


Celine said...

oh my crap, your toe...I just...ow.

Regina said...

YAY!! I'm so glad your blog is back!! I'll read it soon. Right now we're in Cheboygan, MI, planning to cross the Macinaw Bridge this morning, or by noon. This area and lower Wisconsin may have inclement weather late this afternoon, so we can't ride south this afternoon (and maybe that's a blessing!). We plan to go up to Big Bay, MI, to stay at a motel there on Lake Superior. The Thunder Bay Hotel where the movie Anatomy Of A Murder took place closed down in March, unfortunately, but there's a lighthouse up there, and pretty sights. We'll head to Milwaukee Friday - about 7 hours south from Big Bay.

max said...

Rach, let's have a little accuaracy in your report. I was not lost for an hour. We never used the map the entire adventure... why start then? I left your cell phone in the Ludwig... I did not "lose" it (thank goodness for the kindness of the senior citizen!). And yes, the trip was the best ever!

Glad your toe didn't look like that when we were hiking!

And your cooking was world caliber the whole trip!

I actually dreamt in German the other night. I didn't understand anything, yet understood everything! Wierd, huh?

Rachel said...

your dream was in gibberish, dad!

and I hold no responsibilities for historical inaccuracies.

Mandie P said...

i commented on this... but it didn't show up apparently... it was great- now I don't remember what I said...something along the lines of how narley you toe looked... but I'm reading just so ya know!