Thursday, August 28, 2008

Green Thai Curry

I can never seem to follow a recipe precisely. Maybe it's just more fun to deviate a little from the rules. Below is the version of Green Thai Curry from VwaV that I made last night. My host father really enjoyed it. My host mother didn't try it because it was nose-runningly spicy. I guess not everyone digs clear nasal passages.

The proper veggies for this recipe are red onion and red pepper. That doesn't feel very thai to me, though, but nor does canned corn seem very thai so who am I kidding? I made the curry photographed below a couple months ago (with snap peas, orange pepper and fresh basil). I actually liked it a lot better. I really wasn't missing out without the onion, tofu or peanut oil. I think next time there'll be rice noodles, eggplant and yellow pepper (yellow purely for asthetic reasons).

food porn

Moral! Everyone can make a curry! And everyone could use a little nose run. I buy my green curry paste from the local aisian grocer. There's also red and yellow, but they've sometimes got fish in 'em. Just sauté some veggies and throw them in with some coconut milk (I like to buy mine in small packages of 5-8oz, which the Americans probably cannot do) and a spoonful of curry paste. Just be careful how much curry paste you add. A little can go a long way.


max said...

I'm not duplicating this wonderful cooking very successfully here. I should have returned with the curry ketchup!

Yea for your host father! He was really digging the other spicy dish you made while I was there. Next converts, the boys.

Cam said...

My children, who like wide-open nasal passages, use red and green peppers in everything. They use those tiny Thai peppers that take the lining off the inside of your mouth. Now that's really Thai!