Friday, August 29, 2008

What I think about while ironing

Lord, it's only 3 days into month of blogging and I'm running out of shit to share.

I used to listen to This American Life while doing my weekly ironing, but I don't have access to that in the laundry room right now (I should work on those "free podcast" things, though) so I think a lot to myself and here are just a few things I think about:

1) People I would like to meet and the clever things I'd say to them. I think about this entirely too often, actually, and it's sort-of an embarassing statement. I love planning the day that I'll be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, for instance.

2) What I'll make for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

3) Funny things that Simon (the 5 yr old I care for) says. Like the other day when we were going to a friend's house and they weren't answering the door, so he says, "Well, they're either not there or they're dead." It was totally matter of fact and I was in stitches. I really like re-thinking the funny things that everyone says, which leaves me laughing out loud all alone and if people come by, they probably think I'm crazy. They may not be wrong.

4) How and Why I need to loose weight. (#2 seems to negate this...)

5) What I'm going to spend my next pay check on. Namely a large trip.

Does anyone else share my feels on any of this?

I leave you with a beautiful photo of some Jerk Seitan from Vegan with a Vengance. Except it's TVP; just as good.

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Mandie P said...

if I ironed I do believe I would think these same things! and people on the airplane did think that I was indeed crazy for laughing out loud at David Serdaris' book... it's ok though bc I know they were just jealous they weren't enjoying their time trapped in a flying metal container as much as I was ;)

max said...

If I ironed, I'd burn holes in clothes, and then interpret the riorschock-type prints. Have you listened to the NPR program "Fresh Air"? That might supply the witty lines you'll wrap around Conan on your debut.

But for me, I like my wrinkles.

Tell Simon the dumkolph says "Guten tag!" Your host family is the bomb.

Tim said...

"Well, they're either not there or they're dead."

I already love Mr. Simon.

Regina said...

Don't you remember where you got that talking-to-yourself gene from? :-) You can thank me in your interview w/Conan. Simon should join you. I get some of my most inspirational endorphine-induced thoughts while jogging. And then they disappear when I stop.