Friday, August 1, 2008

Maastricht CS Summer Meeting '08

I went to Maastricht, Netherlands on whim last week-end for a CouchSurfing meeting. It was a very good decision.

crossing a bridge on the Saturday city tour

At CS meetings, I always meet a huge variety of people, most all of them big travellers. Some have been on the road for months, some (like me) enjoy attending CS meetings in the area, some travel for work, others travel because they don't know what else to do with their money, some stay in one place and let the travellers come to them. By the end of it, I always make a bunch of great friends and have to say goodbye, hoping that we may cross paths again.

Couchsurfers surfing and airmattress.

On Sunday we went and played in a lake in Maastricht. It was stupendous.

Chaotic group photo.

On Saturday we had a party at a CSer's house in Belgium. It rained, but we danced and sang all night, and look what the morning brought us!


max said...

Yah, I'm soon to be a couch surfer! See you soon!

Regina said...

What a great group! I imagined CS meetings to be a handful of people, not a huge group. That must be fun.