Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Simon on the Subject of Marriage + Other Philosophies

Simon has decided that he'd like to marry a girl in his class. The decision sparked a number of ideas in this 5 year old's head....
"Rachah," (that's how he says my name) "are you married?" In German, though, this question is so much better. It's: Hast du ein Mann? or: Do you have a man?
"No," I replied, somewhat tentatively.
"Then you won't ever be rich."
"Why do I need a man to be rich?" I asked.
"Because men go to work and make money."
"What about Mommy?" I asked. "Mommy goes to work and makes money."
"I know," he answered. "She's going to give me all her money when she dies so that I can be rich and get married."
His mother piped in, "You know, that's going to take a while, Simon."
"That's okay," he told her.

Lukas (the 13year old) and I had a conversation about talent the other day. Lukas is quite good at football. He plays for the regional team. He thinks, though, that his exceptional abilities have nothing to do with talent. He says that he likes playing football because he's good at it. "What about people who pursue goals, activities, or whatever that they enjoy even though they're not good at them?", I asked him. "Then they shouldn't pursue them," he answered. I laughed.

Question: Should I be more careful about revealing identies here on the internets? I read some blogs where the folks are totally anal-retentive about revealing identities of their loved ones. Am I doing anything wrong?


Mandie P said...

The only reason I hid the names of my last family was bc they were freaks about that kind of stuff... I don't think it's anything wrong as long as they don't care.

as for the marriage theory's- too cute! Carys was a mermaid, princess, bride yesterday- she married Daddy.

pavotrouge said...

that's so cute!
I don't think you are revealing too much, unless your host family strongly opposes to you mentioning/showing the kids.

Rachel said...

i've never asked them. i'll just assume that they don't. what they don't know don't hurt, right?

Regina said...

That's so cute about Simon. I love the photo. He's got it all figured out. I'd better start saving!