Saturday, January 10, 2009

What do I do?

I'm sitting here at home having just completed some washing and ironing. I tried contacting a few people about plans for this evening (I'm a social whore of late), organized a few things and left a few messages. It doesn't feel empty right now, my afternoon, it just makes me realize that I'm normally doing things at this time of day, during this time of week. Now, I can't help but wonder: What do I normally do on Saturday afternoons?

The family normally has breakfast at 10AM. A normal German breakfast is Brötchen, which my host mother hidiously translates to "bread rolls." We then lay out a handsome spread of sliced tomatoes, cucumber, salami, other meat that I don't know how to identify, buttah, nutella and sometimes jam. I'm okay with just tomatoes and cukes, but I like to plan ahead of the week-end so I can enjoy something flavorful for week-end breakfast. Sometimes I'll buy a cheap just-happens-to-be-vegan spread at the store (Germans love their spreads), make some hummus, or go for my latest kick: MARMITE!

A friend of mine brought a jar back for me from the UK. The high amounts of Folic Acid or something don't correspond with some countries' health codes. I'm pretty sure the only countries that sell it are the UK and Australia (there called "Vegemite"). It's a pretty exclusive little fetish; you love it or hate it. Do you think that Lady Sovereign is singing about Marmite, then? I'll certainly persue this quandery for the remainder of the afternoon.

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Regina said...

I love Lady Sovereign. I think I'm ready to try Marmite.