Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spicy Chick-Wheat Savory Muffins

I'm not tremendously proud of this photo. It's supposed to look waaaay cooler. But those are cowboy cupcake liners. That's gotta count for somethin'.

This recipe is from havecakewilltravel. I deterred from the recipe a little bit. Firstly, by adding flax seeds to the liquid mixture because I didn't see anything in the list of ingredients that looked like it was working as an egg replacer. I don't think that the flax would've been needed in the end. I don't know why I didn't trust CĂ©line.

Secondly, I didn't have agave nectar (that shit's expensive!... and addictive!), so I used sugar in place of it. I think, though, that agave could've added a certain richness to the muffs, or just smug healthiness. Whatevs. I got a little dose of omega 3s thanks to the flax.

Thirdly, I'm thoroughly convinced that all spices bought in Germany are lame and dulled down for the bland preferances of German taste buds. Even though I upped the spice content a tad, and granted I'm not familiar with garam masala, they still weren't as spicy as I was expecting. Just an interesting, savory muffin. I wish I'd shared them with more friends so I could've gotten more of a consensus. Me and the girlfriend that tried them thought, "not bad," and, "different."

In sum, I'm not sure how much my changes effected the taste of these savory treats or if the recipe still needs some tinkering to better suit my desires. It may be worth another try, though, if anyone'd be interested in sharing with me.

p.s. You know you're vegan when you've got chickpea flour on hand. laughoutloud.


Mandie P said...

nice cowboy muffin liners- where ever did you find them??

Regina said...

cowboy muffin liners! That makes up for the watered-down spices. Is soy flour an unsuitable sub? I've had some in the freezer forever. That's how much I bake. Maybe I should slip some into Anna's chocolate chip pancakes. Flaxseed meal makes them stick to the pan.

Celine said...

interesting! I'm making yet another batch to see about the spices, doubling the quantity of it. I found the original to the SO and my liking, but you never know. I'll keep you posted.