Monday, February 9, 2009

Mediocrity Is Not Okay

As I've formerly admitted, I don't know shit about art, but I do know that there are some things that I dig and some things that I don't. I do like it when I feel that a painting, photograh, series, exhibition or whatever inspire some thought on my part, when it requires some introspection.

I went to visit an exhibition of Michel Comte photographs at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf with an aquaintance over the week-end. I didn't know anything about the photographer nor do I really understand the art of (behind?) photography, but my companion told me that he generally enjoyed that sort of thing and additionally included that he was a bit picky with what he chose to view. I walked into the exhibition open-minded, thinking, "Cool. Ima gonna learn me sommat."

It was the biggest load of bull shit that I've ever laid my eyes on. It reminded me of a visit to McDonald's that I recently made. I never walk into that place willingly (unless I'm making use of their commode), but some friends of mine wanted to get some food there. I didn't order anything, so I just stood there, patiently waiting for my friends to order, examaning my surroundings. I'm perpetually repulsed by what that place means to our society- the people who go there, work there, where the food comes from, the abhorrant success of the corporation, what it does to people.... When my buddies were sitting around, one of them noticed that I had on a particular facial expression; she said, "Rachel! You've got such a sad face on!" I wasn't aware of it and made up a quick lie because I didn't want to tell them that I was disgusted with the act they were engaging in.

That trip to McDonald's was sort of like my trip to the museum, except I did tell the person in my company my actual thoughts and... I guess he disagreed. So I guess the dispute might go like:
"How can you eat this crap?"
"Because I like it. It does something for me."
"Well you're wrong and if we all realized this, the world would be a little bit better for it."
"What's so bad about it?"

It's true that the exhibition and/or McDonald's says something to some of the viewers, gives the visitors some nutrition. We're all entitled to our own opinions, but, in my opinion, some of them are wrong. (winkey face?)

The photos come from the exhibition's flickr page.


Regina said...

Often only a name can get you an exhibition in an art museum. There was a homeless guy in Madison, Wisconsin, that walked around with his bucket of water, sponge and squeegee, and made money washing windows. His name was Art. There was a t-shirt that said, "What is Art? (his picture) Art is a window washer."

Mandie P said...

oh snap!

i nearly gagged today while Carys was playing in the play place in McD's... AND eating the food... let's just call it what it is- shit!

pashidkv (winky face back at ya)

Janet said...

Speaking of art in Düsseldorf, recently I have been reading up on sculpture and it seems that tons of artists have been based in/been through your town. Damn you for getting all the art! Even if you don't like it.

pavotrouge said...

well, an artsy photographer friend of mine said that exhibition was shit, too... I was sort of looking forward to go...