Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dream Job

I had more than a few guy friends in high school who were those kids with sooo much intelligence and potential, but only used about half an ounce of it for a passing grade. None of them had very high asperations when I inquired after their great wide futures. Back in those days I'd invisioned myself attending college, then grad school, then saving the world.... I'm not sure whether to laugh at or feel sorry for my childish optimism. Anyway, now I realize how sagacious these boys were. Or, at the very least, how much their dreams have come to be like mine.

Dream Jobs (in no particular order):
  • zamboni driver
  • grounds keeper (I'd really like one of those little claws that you can pick up trash with without having to bend over.)
  • forest ranger
  • organic farm worker
  • postman
  • clochard
  • cargo ship worker (this would be the most difficult to remain vegan at)
  • aupair (sorta. i mean, i do love my job.)

Honestly, I could persue any, some or all of these while trying to figure out how, why and where I should go to school so I could do something that might be cooler, but do not yet have the enthusiasm to do the work to get there. And look, I totally have the potential to make that last sentence not a run-on, but I figure I oughtn't squander what I got.


Regina said...

You don't have to go to grad school to save the world. Oh, you forgot you're a writer.

Rachel said...

maybe i'll get something published and move to indonesia and live off royalties... in a million years.

Mandie P said...

i would like to be Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie's aupair.

Tim said...

My dream job is still astrophysicist, which is pretty much what it was back in elementary school, but I don't have the brains. I think I'd be perfectly happy as a mailman, to be honest.

Rachel said...

tim, you totally have the brains. but i do see what you mean.