Monday, December 15, 2008

Looong week-end!

I didn't have to work on Friday, so we road tripped it to Trier with a surprise visit to Luxembourg.

Amanda: Where are we?
Boys: no response
Rachel (just off the phone with her dad): Hey Amanda, where are we?
Amanda: I don't know. I just asked and they won't respond.
Rachel: Hey guys, where are we?
Boys: no response
Rachel: hey amanda, do you think we're going to Luxembourg?
Amanda: I don't know, but if we see the country sign, I kinda want to ask them to stop so I can get a photo by it, but I'm too embarassed to ask because that sounds so American.

we then approach a sign

Girls: ahhhh! omg omg you have to stop! stop the car!!
our car: screeeeeeeech.
other cars: hooooonk!

we examine the sign more closely.

Sign: Luxembourg 1000m

we still had a kilometer to go. we got a photo as we drove by it in the car so as not to cause any more fuss.

top left: In Bitburg where they brew the world famous Bitburger beer. When you order a Pils in Germany, the default beer is that one. We were denied a tour of the brewery because we hadn't notified them far enough in advance (late the night before). We did get to see a movie, though, that looked like my buddy Timo filmed it. Or a drunk person. I sort-of got vertigo watching it. There were lots of mustaches involved as well.

bottom right:
A snowy scene in the High Venn in Belgium. We got out and played. I made a snow angle. There were cross country skiers.


Mandie P said...

AHAHAHAH! too perfect!

Regina said...

Beautiful photos. I love sun on snow. Ever seen the movie Pi? Sounds like the same guy.

Rachel said...

what sounds like him? i think i saw the movie when you saw the movie. and what you're thinking now is right. i was way too young to be watching that.

Rachel said...

oh, and we actually said the letters "o" "m" "g." It only added to the confusion.