Monday, December 22, 2008


2008 seems relatively uneventful. I quit my job, was homeless and jobless (well, there was that stint in the traditional German restaurant), started a new job, changed cities, made new friends, my Dad came to visit, travelled a bit, fell into good habits, fell into bad ones, got lost, found things, learned stuff.... Okay, maybe there were some noteworthy things that came to pass. I think what makes the year seem a little strange overall is that I feel like I've been in limbo; not knowing where I'm going or what I should do with Life. There are some things that I want to change, though. Some realistic, some far-fetched, some easy and some difficult.
  • Firstly, and I've been really back-and-forth on this, I've decided to start school! I'm going to try to get into Heinrich-Hein Universität here in Düsseldorf. My host family offered to help me out with it and since that teaching job in Belgium didn't work out, this seems like a good opportunity of which to take advantage. I've got an appointment in the foreign office after the New Year.
  • I've moved 6 times in the past 3 years with two "nomadic" periods stuck in there somewhere. I'd like a little bit more security in place of that freedom, now, i think.
  • Save a bit more. Those that know me over here probably already see me as a penny pincher as is, but I could do better.
  • Go to an English-speaking country. I haven't been in one since I left at the end of March 2007!
  • Fly home for a visit?
  • Check out a Scandinavian country. Y'all, I wonder: If I hate the cold so much, why am I so interested in visiting/ living in cold places all the time? It's a paradox. Well, I hear that Oslo in the summertime is quite nice (winkey face).


Regina said...

Yay!!! School will be fun, or at least you'll make it that way.

Mandie P said...

so school is the decision?? I think it'll be great! what do you want to study? I'm glad to know you will still be near when I come back for school!

Rachel said...

i'll study education. it'll be a bitch to study, but i've got faith that the career that ought to come out of it will be rewarding. maybe. well, i haven't got any better ideas....

Mandie P said...

PUBLIC HEALTH! are you still going to live with the family? Personally, I hear Maastricht calling both of our names... in ENGLISH!