Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Quick One While He's Away

It's been nigh on a year that I've been blogging. I looked back on some of my older posts for the fond memories and with hopes that my writing may've improved. The memories have been warmed, but my soft skillz (the writing) ain't no better.

Here are some of my favorite memories from the year of blogging:
the aubergine tower
street art
the tampon story
the brewery excursion

do you have any?

to the right is some street art in Aachen


Mandie P said...

that's my favorite graffiti in aachen... I'll have to think/search for a fav. and get back to you.

Regina said...

I liked the ones about the hundreds of little kama sutras on the magazine, the grandmother visiting where you used to live, your thoughts on ironing, running, glasses, riding the tandem bike with Simon, many more. Why should your writing have to improve?

max said...

Like good books, you become more entranced with the writer's style, purpose and wit as the work progresses. In my opinion, you've become adept at capturing moments in time and freezing them for others to process. For me, the mark of a good writer is to capture an emotive moment... one that illicits sympathetic nods and grins. You do that beautifully daily. Your cooking inspires me (as does your adventuress spirit) and your reflection on the mundane that turn into the sublime is truly a gift.

The changing graffiti in Zurich along the rivers is a microcosim of your blog. It changes regularly, but is met with awe and amazement each time. Keep entertaining us Rach!