Monday, December 8, 2008

Goodbye Blue Monday

I keep having such fantastic week-ends that Mondays seem so ugh!

This week-end I had fun going out with Düsseldorf friends, then to Cologne for a Couch Surfing Christmas Market meeting (Why don't I ever bring my camera anywhere anymore?) and stayed up almost all night with a bunch of kids from Bonn. At the meeting, there was a sweet woman working on a radio exposé about Couch Surfing. I might end up on the radio, but I've no idea what station.

Sunday was sunny (a rarity for this region and time of year), so I woke up early and went on a really long bike ride. I should've brought my camera along then, too, because the route that I take (and deviate from) is quite lovely. Some dude showed me it and I greatly appreciate that fact every time I ride out there because I don't believe I would've found such a nice course otherwise.


Regina said...

Damn! This is the only thing I look forward to on Mondays! Bring your camera next time! :-D

Mandie P said...

and this COMING weekend is going to be EVEN better!

Drizzle Kid said...

I know the feeling, after a weekend so great you wish your brain recorded video it just seems so bleak and dull when the alarm clock goes off on Monday mornings.