Saturday, January 5, 2008

All My Friends Are Dudes

Not all my friends are guys, but most of them are and all of the close ones that I'd go crying to are of the male sex. This means that instead of talking about... whatever it is that girls talk about we discuss Mao's hygene habits, make fart jokes, watch YouTube videos of people hurting themselves and also Japanese porn that has been censored with pixles. It's especially amusing going to a club because there I am, 5'2" with a whole bunch of dudes that are 6'+. Very amusing.

Some friends of mine being charming.


Regina said...

I guess I've always been the same way, having guys as friends. Dunno why.

Ellis said...

Sounds like fun times all around! Wish I had had time to see all the wondrous things when I was prowling about Germany and France.