Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm on a butt load of meds

Normally I'm the best sleeper ever. I've slept on cold tile floor in high school hallways, on a doorstep through the wee morning hours, next to load snore-ers, in cramped, hot tents in the rain, in cold, no-tented wilderness, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. Unless I'm loaded with coffee or, in this case, assorted medicines for my recent case of strep throat, I can drift off tired or not. Due to a recent case of strep throat, I've taken more pills today than your grandmother does in a week and I've numbered it down to the Paracetomol that's keeping me up. Well, at least I've stopped blowing out gallons of snot, it doesn't feel like a kitten has been playing with my tonsils, and my head doesn't feel like Harry Potter's when Lord Voldemort is close by. Double thumbs up!

Note) If you're remotely interested in the potentially educational side of my blog, please stay tuned as I plan a few info sessions of Germany, especially focused in Aachen. Oh, and I promise they'll be fun!

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Regina said...

I'm so sorry that you're sick. I hope you feel better soon! Love, Mom