Friday, January 4, 2008


For New Year's I went to Rennes, France. It was packed full of fun as the person I visited (I'm quite sure) has only enough sanity to sort through the chemical structures of nucleotides and since everything else is like pennies in comparison, he treats it like such: He admires all that is bright and shiny, laughs at all that is serious, and occasionally tosses his friends upon the floor for someone else to grab if they're lucky.

On my trip I learned that Brittany is incredibly amazing, Rennes is an awesome town, being vegan in France is worse than in Germany, the ocean's water is less cold at 3AM, not as many people will give you funny looks as you'd think if you walk to the supermarket in shoes 8 sizes bigger than they should be, and that sleeping bags can be dangerous tools of tickle torture.

Nico, my French friend, took myself and another mutual friend, to some beautiful and supposedly famous place on the Brittany coast, St. Malo and Mont St. Michèle. It was all quite beautiful.

Famous place in Brittany. This is the "post card picture."

St. Malo image stolen from somewhere inside the internets.

When we got to St. Malo I was like, "Oh! I've been here before!" I was being such a snod on my first trip to France that when we visited and ate in a Crêperie here I had no idea of the name of the city.

St. Malo is one of the few remaining Medieval cities with its walls still intact. I read on a post card, however, that in the 4os or something the city caught on fire and 72% of it had to be rebuilt. Maybe the walls are still original?

I have no pictures of Mont St. Michèle (not like everyone doesn't already know what it looks like) and we didn't actually go in because it was our driving-to-Aachen day and parking was expensive.

There will be more photos on my flickr.

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