Monday, January 7, 2008

Stuffed Mushrooms

That's what I made for dinner this evening. It's from Vegan with a Vengance (hereafter known as VwaV).

It wasn't particularly pretty or notable, but did the job quite well. Maybe if I'd've had something more exceptional than some random Aldi mushrooms. Aldi, beeteedubs, is the name of a cheap German grocery store. Like, worse than the Food Valu in Cowan. Ironically enough, the company also owns Trader Joe's for those of you fancy pants who're familiar or've been to California.
My stuffed mushrooms included some homemade seitan, which is a sort-of homemade fake meat. You see, being the cool, punkish vegan that I am, I hate the Man and insist on never buying that pre-prepared, overly-processed, fake flesh for veggies from the store. Instead, I usually use this infailable recipe that some innovative vegan cared to share: Seitan O'Greatness. Packed full of healthy proteins, it's great on a pizza, sandwhich, or in a recipe like stuffed mushrooms. Make it and you might be converted.


Tim said...

Incidentally, there's a Trader Joe's in Memphis.

Regina said...

sounds good, will make. I have to go to the big new Green Life in Chattanooga to get the ingredients.