Monday, January 14, 2008

Vocabulary Diary

zomg! 5 days and no posts? Busy lady or hopeless procrastinator? I'll choose the latter.

I stopped by the Mayerbuchhandlung (book store) today before class to get myself a little notebook. I eyed some nice ones, various mole skins, you know the lot, but settled on a suave and more cost-efficient notebook with a print of Le Chat Noir on the cover. I love how I'm doing all this studying of Germany, but secretly want to move to France.

This notebook will hopefully change the way that I continuously ask for common-use words, then promptly forget them. It'll also be funny to look back at the words that I needed. We'll start with today's example, saving you the German translations: embarrassing, side effect, irritation, rash, common.


Anonymous said...

Susan has the same notebook!...or at least a notebook with the same cover.

Regina said...

Speaking of vocabulary, i just saw The Secret Life of Words. One of the best films I've ever seen. It has nothing to do with vocab. I'm watching all these films that Anna has to watch for her nonviolence class.