Saturday, February 16, 2008

Die Oma

The father of the family is gone on vacation for a week. His mother has come to stay, so technically I'm not working this next week. (I hope that I'll still get paid.) This woman is very sweet, but incredibly anal. I cleaned the house really well before she came and this morning she re-did everything.

1. Woke me up at 10 this morning to ask where the vaccuum cleaner bags were kept. I had to go on a search through the basement. That's not very early, but I did go to bed at 4.

2. Re-washed the towels that I had done the day before.

3. They made a lasanga yesterday and because it wasn't all eaten in that day, she threw it in the garbage.

4. She put about eight buckets of detergent into one load of laundry. Okay, I think it was six, but still.

5. If I don't understand a word that she says, she repeats it over and over instead of looking for a synonym or another manner of explanation.

Other than some things like that, I think it should all be fine.

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Regina said...

You'd better be getting paid!! No wonder Michael left!! I'd get the heck out of there, too. Susanna can handle her. :-)