Thursday, February 7, 2008

What I did for Karneval....

I'm going to sum it up real quick:

I was really busy (I know! Weird, huh?) and didn't do anything.

I was at a really lame birthday party where everyone was stoned, then somebody pulled out a guitar and they played the usual Dylan songs. I left "early," but then spent the night at a friend's flat and he showed me cool photography stuff.
It forking snowed!!! Here's a photo:

Then I dressed up as a pirate and high tailed it to Cologne. We pre-gamed on the train:
This is me and I'm a fool.
This is Timo and he's a Bavarian.
That party lasted from about noon 'till 6AM the next day.
This day is the most important in Holland. I went to Maastricht to meet couchsurfers, but because of the late night before, I got there late and missed them. Schade. On the upside, the weather was fantastic and the celebration a lot better in comparison to Aachen's parade the following day. The costumes were more unique, there weren't buckets of sweets being thrown into the streets and not so much drinking.
I met some German friends in the city. It was very cold, windy, and rainy. It even snowed a bit. As aforementioned there was sooooo much candy being thrown into the streets. I mean, you had to watch out or a 3lb box of chocolates would fall into your eye. Or worse, your beer, an indispensible liquid for warmth.

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Regina said...

Hey, Rach, You look so cute as a pirate. I could tell by the mustache and t-shirt that you were a pirate, and not just another person on the train.