Monday, February 18, 2008

This House is Tightly Run

The Grandmother said that this week I have to...

1. Clean my room. We all know that I don't like using the dresser for my clothes, so this is probably a good suggestion.
2. Eat dinner before 7PM.
3. Vaccum and mop every day. We don't even wear shoes in the house. How dirty can it get in 24 hours? Apparently quite.
4. Go to bed by 10PM. I got yelled at last night for checking my e-mail at 10:30. The kid had left the speakers on, so it made a lot of sound when I didn't expect it.
5. A whole bunch of really anal things that I'm sure I won't remember....

1 comment:

Regina said...

1. You thought this was a good suggestion???? All those years I suggested you clean your room, and you never said that to me! :-))
2. why?
3. get the heck out of there every day
4. That's from WWII. Lights out so you don't get bombed. OCD.
5. Begging forgiveness is easier than asking permission. You could make a game of it.