Friday, February 29, 2008

This is sometimes what I eat:

I made nori rolls and filled them with quinoa (very high in calcium), corn, cucumber, and grilled shallot for lack of any green onion.
These Hello Kitty chopsticks were given to me by a Japanese friend to match my underwear.

I got this cookzine from a woman on the PPK forums. It's filled with many fantastic things, including this banana bread, which is definately the best I've ever had. And I've had some pretty good banana bread in my day. Here's how she describes it: "This bread is so good, I read that chimpanzees in Australia preferred it 3:1 over organic banana peels."
kittee's blog

Here's a curry that I made with homemade gnochi (don't ever do that if you live in Germany where it's so easy and cheap to just get it at the store), spinach, coconut milk, and some other things. I liked the colour.


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You are so cooking for us...if you ever come back to Sewanee. We could let you stay in one of the upstairs bedrooms in return for feeding us...