Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ethiopian Food

Make it. Find it. Eat it. That stuff is just the shizzaz. Anything that you can eat with your hands makes my "good" book. I made something from Kittee's cookzine, Papa Tofu, today. I forget what it was called, but you can just try something for yourself. Here's the link to that part of her blog.


Regina said...

thanks for the link! I've always wanted to try Ethiopian food. I asked a friend if he wanted to go to an Ethiopian restaurant with me, but he said, "Have you looked at Ethiopians?"

Rachel said...

there's a good one in Chatty across the bridge from McKay's. oh, n/m. I think that's indian.... you might could check, though, as it lists veg-safe things and Ethiopian is generally pretty veggie.