Friday, March 7, 2008

Germany's Next Top Model

That's right. There's a German version of it and Heidi Klum does it. It's so much better than the American version: less bitching, more fashion. Plus Klum is a much less overbearing mediator.

Last season there was this really effeminate American black guy that was one of the fellow judges. He spoke terrible German and had amazing charisma. Because he now has his own German talk show (so I'm told), he's been replaced by this older Frenchman who is living up to my standards. Sometimes when he's thinking he purses his lips and it's quite adorable.

Unlike the last season, I understand everything they're saying and sometimes I learn new words like, "Hochkreuz."

My least favorite so far is Gina-Lisa because she has long, white hair, way-too-tan skin and a voice like she smokes a pack a day. My favorite is Raquele because she's Swiss, looks healthy, and has confidence in what she's doing.


Regina said...

I wish Anna could see this one. Tyra Banks gets on my nerves. I like Twiggy, and the effeminate black judge. And there's a white guy who's pretty nice.

Rachel said...

woah! twiggy 's on it? crazy. And the effeminate black man must be from Germany'sNTM. It's funny that everyone hates Tyra now. I liked her on the previous season that I've seen.