Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is this turning into another vegan food blog?

Well, here are some more things that I ate:

The other day we had a baggette in the house that the Dad's girlfriend brought over. I knew that no one was going to touch the day after and who could pass up on an opportunity to make Fronch Toast? The recipe is from VwaV and has chickpea flour in it. Chickpea flour generally has a rather unpleasant taste, but some magical reaction happens when you cook with it.

The maple syrup 'round here is absurdly expensive: You can only find it in those fancy, little gourmet bottles and they're about €5 a pop. It's nice to have, though, as an unproccesed, animal-free sweetener and also because a maple syrup-lime juice combination in some soups results in utter amazingness. I learned that from Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

We had some Fennel Honey in the cabinet and I thought I'd give that a try.... Blech! Sometimes I forget that I don't like the taste of absolutely everything. Fennel is one of the few things that I really despise. Most slices are topped instead with a bit of margarine and puder zucker.
And here's a shot of my lunch today. It's another Ethiopian dish from Kittee's cookzine: Papa Tofu; Yemiser W'et, or, lentils in a spicy red gravy. I added in the green beans because 1) I simply have to have something green in every meal and 2) to give it texure. They were perfect.

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Regina said...

wow. beautiful, and enticing. I'm the same way about adding green. fennel honey? hmmm. Sounds like it would go well on turnips with some orange slices, maybe.