Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on Heidy

I don't know how many of you are berrated for your system of beliefs on an almost daily basis, but coming from someone who is, it's not great. Okay, normally I don't really care because half of the people are doing it half-jokingly, and I can laugh it off. But still, I'm generally not respected for how I choose to consume both for my nutrition and my generally way of living. It was so refreshing to meet with a bunch of kids who share the same beliefs as myself. We talked about how we cope with others' assaults, vegan things that we enjoy, animal rights, and the lot. Sure, I get this through my vegan internet forum, but I learned that it isn't nearly so satisfying as it is in person. Thank you, new vegan friends, for caring.


Regina said...

Ever heard of the autistic scientist, Temple Grandin, who improved slaughterhouses? She understands how a cow sees things and how it reacts with fear. She made the slaughter experience safer and less frightening for the cow. Isn't that weird?

Rachel said...

yeah because going down a black tunnel only to be picked up by your ankle and then your throat slit until your bleed to death is a lot better than seeing it happen before all the rest first. that aside from all of the living conditions that the animal had to suffer through in life. At least Grandin's method keeps them confused enough to not break into a stampede of any sort. that would make it more difficult for their killers, wouldn't it?