Saturday, March 29, 2008

Isa Pizza

I had a long day and when I got home this evening, I just felt beat... and hungry. I'd defrosted some Isa Pizza dough earlier and had gotten some tofu at the Plus (typical German grocery chain). I decided to make a green garden purée...

so I blanched half of a block of tofu (really helps the tofu absorb other flavors), steam some peas and zucchini, sautéed some onion, added it to the peas and zuc., then sautéed a bit of eggplant with garlic. I puréed together the tofu and steamed veggies with my handy-dandy emersion blender (my absolute favorite kitchen utensil) so it turned a nice light green colour all together; sweet, like spring-time. Oh, and there were seasonings added. If I were you, I'd head for the nooch, peppah, fresh basil and maybe some salt. Then I threw on the eggplant and mixed that in, folded it in my pizza crust, serrated the edges appropriately, revealed by my awesome photo shoot.

It was real big. Plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

Time to clean and meet people in the city for the evening!

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Regina said...

Wow! You make me wish I was making these lovely little delicacies. But I have this addiction to olive oil and salt on everything.