Thursday, April 10, 2008

Basically searching for something to post about...

Today in my Deutschkurs we practiced listening to texts and answering questions about the text. We'll have to do excerises like this on the upcoming government exam. I did terribly bad. Well, a passing mark, but barely. I was so jealous of all these people that can't speak German worth a damn, but have lived here for 15 years or whatever, so they had no trouble with the questions. The woman next to me told me that it was "sehr leicht," or, very easy. She comes from Afghanastan, but has been living here for 13 years. A friend on my other side got all the same ones incorrect, so that made me feel better. This is the about the 50th time I've said it, but I really do need to get my ass down and study more.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a couple girls to study. One of them, from Turkmenistan, can't speak English, so that'll help us stick to German, which is always good. Another of the girls that will be joining is the aforemetioned Ingrid, from Mexico. It so rare to meet a friendly person in Deutschland; nice, yes, but friendly? Not so often. Speaking with Ingrid today was so refreshing. We southerners need to stick together.

Today is a gourgeous day. Another rarity for Deutschland and especially this area. I'm opening up all the windows and trying to get active. I need to....

1) Clean my room. It needs a deep cleansing.
2) Get my health and fitness into a better place.
3) Work on new job stuff.
4) Study German.
5) Sew some things.
6) Organize now and future financial status.
7) Find a place to live.

Honestly, what is wrong with my motivation levels? Right now I think it's the quiet before the storm. I ought to get as much as I can out of the way before it gets too overwhelming. Espically considering how much free time I have, it's really no excuse. Maybe now that I've blogged about it, I'll feel like I have to get something done.

And because I feel like there should be a photo included:
A flower arrangement I made.

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