Thursday, April 17, 2008

I can watch YouTube now

It's been months (it feels) since I've been able to watch that worthless nonsense and I feel satiated. On the other hand, it kept me from translating these French letters into English, which I told a friend I'd do. I suck.

Today in German class I got all angry and self-pitying for not being able to figure out this one excersise. And of course I have to project stuff like that out on others, so when the woman next to me tried to help, I just snapped at her. Poor thing, victim of my temper.

I bought a huge workbook after class today with new, brighter hopes of improvement. It's no less than 500 pages, I'm sure and will not be worth the whole €11.20 I spent on it unless I do every single last excersise. Maybe I should thing of it like: Every excersise is a step towards ex-patriotism, which is a step against Bush, which, of course, is a step toward gay and lesbian rights in the armed services... or have I lost track?

Going to Liège, Belgium this week-end for a CouchSurfing meeting this week-end. I'm asking this elderly couple to host me. They should be sweet and fun. For the meeting I'm supposed to dress up like a disco queen. I don't think that's happening. Week-end after I'll go to Dusseldorf for a vegan brunch and follow it up with a ballet! How cool is that?

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Regina said...

I am so glad you can write whatever you want in this blog. I enjoy all of it. "Good, bad... I'm the guy with the gun." :-)