Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wacky Week-end

Over a bridge in the city center.

Couchsurfing has taken over my life. There was a meeting in Maastricht on Friday and I thought I'd stay for 2 or 3 hours and then head back to Aachen the same evening because I had to catch a car-sharing thing to Düsseldorf early in the morning. We left the disco at about 4AM. I slept for 2 hours, got the bus back to Aachen at 7:15AM, and went to Düsseldorf as a very exhausted young lady.

Some items in the Düsseldorf Markt.

My drivers of my car-share (okay, only one was driving) were two young guys heading to some sort of huge business conference. What are they called? Similar to how those college things work with all the booths and smoozing. Well, basically I was surrounded by hundreds of businessmen for about the first 20 minutes of arriving in Düsseldorf. I felt a bit out of place because whereas all these men looked well-dressed and successful, I looked as if I'd been out clubbing all night. I'm not gonna lie, I reveled in the absurdity of it all. It was certainly a fitting feeling as it is reknown for being one of the poshest cities in Germany.

People being liberal. There's a campfire in the "R".

My Couchsurfing host was beautiful as were the two days I spent there. I sat on the Rein River, enjoyed some beer, ate good curry, then on Sunday a friggin' shit ton of vegan food at a punk potluck. Nipped a neat cookzine off it as well.
Kola made in Hamm, Germany. Real good. Taken at vegan potluck.

the very posh Konigsallee
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max said...

Love the pics! And the smokin' "Free Tibet"!

Crazy week for me... how are you?

Love ya.

Regina said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love, Mom