Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am so proud of me!

After studying with the girls for a while on Friday, I went out with my Alabamian friend to help her show her parents a bit of the city. They'd just flown over. They seemed like a pretty classy pair: the father, a southern gentleman with a hefty vocabulary in words that I would not share with my grandmother; the mom, poor thing, jet lagged and suffering from motion sickness, and Amanda, who was a little stressed for the remarkably calm girl that she is, trying to make it all perfect for them. I had a fun time, but later I realized that I shouldn't've spoken so much German at stores and whatever because Amanda had wanted to show her parents that she'd learned something. Woops. Me and my big mouth.

Everyone was outside today.

In the evening I went to a party where I spoke mostly German and some French, which I realized has really gone down the drain. There was beer and very nice people. It was good.

This morning I got up early and met some people to go to the Lindtt Factory. (Yes, I plan on mailing some souvenirs.) The nationalities were Indonesian, Polish, Turkmenistanish, and of course, yours truly, the not-so-typical American. We were all speaking terrible German together, but I'm sure it was good practice. Afterward I took the girl from Turkmenistan around. She seemed to be only interested in shopping, so I took her to some neat, small, expensive stores. Neither of us were intending to buy anything.

It was nice weather.

Now I'm home and I should probably go out again (A friend of mine offered to teach me some guitar today.), but I think I may just have a coffee, pull out Six Feet Under, (maybe!) study German, then perhaps have a walk before it gets dark. The fam is off in Dienslagen, so I haven't got a single worry!

In sum= Rachel+socializing+foreign languages= I have succeeded in something.


Regina said...

Wow! Great photos! It looks like the weather is changing, like it has here. We're in for a dogwood winter the next few days. I tried calling you yesterday & now know why there was no answer. re: Motivation - for me it comes on the brink of disaster, or after much coffee. I'm glad you're speaking so much German, meeting so many different people, and going to the Lindtt factory. :-) I hope to talk to you soon. Love, Mom

max said...

Whew! I'm just glad you still remember some English!

I concur with Regina, you take beautiful pictures!

I read an article in the NY Times about motivation and it's transient nature. I'll send you the link.

And yes, I think your goals and your plan for next year rest on a solid foundation.

Love ya.