Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring in Liège!

I went to Liège, Belgium over the week-end for a Couch Surfing meeting and it was fantastic!!! Les Liègious did a very good job organizing. I drove there with a couple of Aachen CSers and a British man from Liverpool. I with the Brit and and Italian in the former's old skool ambulance, converted camper van. He told us that he'd done the back part for all of €50. Way to recycle!

I ran into a CS couple that had hosted me when I visited Brussels last fall. They'd been participating in this freeze thing in the Brussels central station. (Over 100 people!) There they ran into another CSer who was heading to Liège, so after it was finished, they hopped on a train and came along. I ended up going to dinner with them and the other Brussels posse before the disco.

Former host on the left. British woman from Brussels on the right.

There was a Disco party on Saturday night. About 75 people came, which made for some good fun. I had to leave early, though, because my host lived outside of Liège with her parents and her father had to pick us up at midnight. One of the organizers had paired me with her because I'm an experienced CSer and she had never hosted before. The organizer didn't know that we'd have to leave so soon, but I was cool with it. My host was sweet and only spoke French = plus on language skills.

I wish I'd been there for this...

... and this.

Some people did get dressed for the disco.

Midday Sunday we all went to the Liège market. There, you can find everything there from cactuses to peacocks and florecent underwear to fireworks. I'll post pictures of that when I get them.
Geese for sale at the market.

All of us after visiting the Sunday Market.


max said...

Wild fun! It was Spring Party weekend here and your friends put those college kids to shame! It's hard to believe there could be a party without Rachel, but they seemed to carry on with vim, vigor and intensity.

I tried to call Sunday AM (my time) but couldn't reach you. More food pics please and recipes! Anna won't know, honest.

Love the pics!

Regina said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Liege. I love your photos and stories. Anna just got back from Philly today, and she's exhausted. We were going to watch Across the Universe, but she tuckered out. My band has a gig in Tullahoma this Friday night. Sewaneeroo is this Saturday. We were asked to play, at first, then got preempted by several student rock bands. I'll try to call you this weekend. I hope all's well with you. email if you get a chance.