Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My friends can cook and photo edit!

Amanda found this baby on a website and suggested we make it for family dinner over the week-end. I guess because she was curious about cassoulet. See, she was in Paris recently with her host father and he took her to this one restaurant where they're supposed to serve the best cassoulet, like, evah. But sadly, cassoulet is a Christmas dish, apparently, and even though the Germans are already all over the Glühwein and Strödelkuchen*, I guess the French are not quite ready for that holiday spirit.

So, cassoulet is normally a really meaty dish, but this one is vegan and got everyone's approval; even Amanda's despite that Timo (Himself?) snuck tofu in. Mmmmm... tofu. What we all noted was that it was so nice and simple. I think that I often try to make the tasties that I put in my mouth a bit too complex. This change to a more lucid palate was pleasant.

And please excuse that dreadful photo. One of these days I'll get a camera with a manual focus so we can all look at what I want you to look at. In the mean time, we'll make due and look at how that website's version of a cassoulet totally schools ours. Props to Timo on the photo editing.

*I have no idea what the actual name I'm searching for is. Someone wanna help me out?


Regina said...

I also treat myself to the carrot patties with some kind of cashew sauce when I go to GreenLife. They are to die for, very Indian spicy, but I can't find a recipe. I should take a photo next time, if it lasts that long.

Mandie P said...

our photo doesn't give this dish enough props... but gosh it was good! I hope to blog the difference between real and vegan soon... w better photos...dot dot dot

pavotrouge said...

it's "Streuselkuchen" :) you know you should really come to my place and we should have a weekend cooking marathon (plus British comedy!) !