Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the winner is...

It's no secret. I hate the news. I make a point to avoid it. But when I check my email in the morning, various headlines are hurled at my eyeballs by Yahoo. Today's contained the words "landslide," "victory," "black," and "president." Rather than immediately click on the Inbox icon, I stared at the photo and its caption for a moment, my mouth likely agape. I really thought, very briefly, that it was a link to an Onion article. That goes to show how little faith I had in my fellow Americans. Honestly folks, good job. I didn't think you could, but you did it.

This isn't much of a blog post, so I'll add on some pumpkin-y things later.


Regina said...

YeeeHaaa! I was so happy about the voter turnout, too. I think the 2000 election turned many of us cynical, including me, and this was a great reasurance. We ain't 1984 yet! (Gotta retain a little cynicism.)

Tim said...

Fuck yes, we DID!!!

(There was, however, a great Onion article headlined "Black man given America's worst job.")