Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thumbprint Cookies: an erotic masterpiece

Simon, his friend and I made cookies today. They're from Vegan with a Vengance and, per usual, taste orgastic. There's peanut oil in 'em. One wouldn't think that'd work, but it totally forking does. I used strawberry and apple jams. I taught the boys how to say "strawberry" in english and they really couldn't manage.

We used to bake these in The Blue Chair in Sewanee. More often than not it was a plain sugar cookie kinda base with strawberry jam in the middle. I always thought that they looked like vulvas.

I'm a blogging champion of late.


Regina said...

yup. that's what they look like. :-) If I want to eat one, does that make me...??

Tim said...

Vulvas? Are you guys serious?
Not exactly my first thought...haha.

Rachel said...

not my thumbprints, the ones at the blue chair!

Mandie P said...

i was wondering... bc those REALLY don´t look like vuvlas!