Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tennessee is soooo purty

My mother took these photos the other day. One is taken on top of the plateau and the other from down in the valley. I'm guessing that the valley is Hawkins' Cove? The one looking off the bluff is right by a convent close to my house. I've been to quite a few weddings there. As in the priest usually stands on that grassy part before the rock starts. It's even more amazing in person.

I used to walk or run out there in the afternoons and every time it was difficult to turn away to go back home. Euroland is great, but I never find myself so enraptured by such an overwhelming, simple, natural beauty as I have back home. It'll still be there when I go back for a visit, though.


Regina said...

Yup, you got the locations/loci correct. This has been the most colorful fall we've had in years. The drought drabbed everything out for a couple of years. The recent rains have denuded most of the trees, so it's coming to a close.

Rachel said...

I'm impressed with myself on the Hawkins' Cove guess.

is "deduding" a real term?