Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Read Me A Story

I had to put Simon to bed last night because his parents went out to a birthday party. He really didn't want me to. I figure, "Yeah. It's cool to like your mom better." When I was hauling him upstairs (yes, hauling), I told him that he could pick out a book for me to read. He asked his older brother if he could read the book instead because, Rachel reads so terribly! I had to laugh. Because it's true.


Regina said...

Kids are the best, and worst, critics.

Mandie P said...

I get the same thing kinda- Josephine asks me to translate the book or corrects my German words when they aren't pronounced JUST right!

That's why I bought her some English books for xmas last year :) (hint hint- "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is a big hit in my house)

Mandie P said...

oh AND- when I finally read a small book kinda well the other night Josephine decided it was now time to speak to me in German- it was too cute!

wish she didn't hate me now...*sigh*