Friday, November 21, 2008

'Nanner Bread

I've made this before, but in cupcake form and talked about it here. Kittee's banana bread is the best damn banana bread ever. I think I'm going to freeze it, though, and save it for later. Possibly Thanksgiving in Aachen on Sunday or maybe for a rainy day.

And apparently there's a possibility that we won't be eating much bananas in 10 years. The New York Times wrote this article about that. Complete with requisite pun.

EDA: FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR TODAY!!! + sleet, rain, hail and... sun. It's been strange day.


Mandie P said...

My grandpa used to call me "Nanner"... see you in a couple hours :)

Regina said...

Lots of weather there, eh? Looks like we'll have weather here in Michigan, too. I'll make pumpkin pie (& apple, too?), and the whole T-giving dinner. I look forward to doing that with all of us some day in the future. 700' freighter just went by on the St. Clair River.