Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sometimes I write my rs in cursive and sometimes I write them in manuscript; it depends on the precursory letter or my mood. The other day in German class, I asked my teacher to look over some sentences I had written. She saw my rs and told me that, to her, they looked like ns and in Germany they don't mix manuscript and cursive like that. I may've been a bit curt in my reply. I told her, "For the test I'll be sure to write my rs your way." What I was really thinking, though, was: Well, your 1s look like 7s and I shouldn't have to attune my handwriting to y'alls! I've conformed enough!

over there are the fall colours in my home town. idn't it lurvly?

The other day I was in the grocery store on a mission to purchase Fleichwurst. Never having bothered to expand this area of my German vocabulary, I walked up to the counter and asked the woman who appeared to be responsible for the handing out of tattered flesh. Much to my dissappointment, she returned my question with, "Which one?" I was hoping that she'd just hand me one of those phallic tubes and we'd be done wtih our exchange, but no. I had to choose between a phallic tube and some pre-cut slices of greater circumfrance than the pink, sausage-like thing. If I'd've kept working at that traditional German restaurant, would I have known this already?


Regina said...

and they have that funny B-shaped thing that sounds like an S, and it's cold and rainy, but the beer's good from what I hear. "So it all evens out." :-) When did you work at a German restaurant?

Mandie P said...

and they are rude and never say "excuse me" or "sorry" when blatantly running into you on the street... germans... ugh!

Rachel said...

I worked at a German restaurant back when I was homeless and jobless. Didn't last long. Fun times.

I DO like how germans are very matter-of-fact, though. We gotta stay posi!