Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chick Lit

Simon and his mom are back! Katja, who is ever-so-thoughtful, brought me back a book from the States. "I figured you were running low," was her reasoning. She was right.

The title of the novel: Fourth Comings. It's about a twenty-something Columbia graduate and the woe's of having an NYC brownstone appartment that she can barely afford, an outstandingly cool twenty-something boyfriend who's just started his freshman year at Princeton, living with nympho lesbians and her best friend since middle school and, on top of all that, balancing a free-lance editing job. Hilarious, right? The opening chapter includes a handsome young WASP trying and failing miserably to get the number of our heroine in a bar, an explicit sex scene complete with fantasy digression, and a short discussion on Buddhism.

This is the fourth book in the author's nearly-finished five part series. I wouldn't've known that the public had another three stories of this vein forced down their throats if I hadn't developed an avid interest in the author. You can't help but wonder, Who writes these things anyway? Megan McCafferty, as Wikipedia states, grew up in New Jersey, attended Central Regional High School (hello middle class America!), graduated from Columbia University where she majored in English, has lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan before settling in Princeton, NJ, and worked as an editor for magazines like YM and Cosmopolitan . Essentially, McCafferty is writing an auto-biography of her life as she would have wanted it. I find that fascinating.

When I started this blog post, I'd no idea that I was going to spend such a long time ranting about a chick lit book. Read into that as much as you like.


Regina said...

um...interesting. :-)

Karen said...

Loved reading bits of your blog Rach. Especially the running thing. Wow we think alike..
Missing you lots, but I'm so glad you sound very happy. Keep up the great cooking pics.