Wednesday, October 15, 2008

schönes wetter. schönes wochenende.

Damn. It's really had to set up cool photos all left and right sided on the blog. Good luck reading this post!

The top left photo is a pretty building up 'round the Lousberg and Amanda making her cult facebook photo face

The top right photo is my Aachen family.

The bottom left photo is of fall colours beginning to arrive.

The bottom right is this little corner in Aachen that I really <3. You can kinda see the Dom there in the background.

When you click on the photos, they'll get bigger for you.

We found a place to sit outside on the Marktplatz. I'm perpetually fascinated that this must be by natural hair colour.


Mandie P said...

yay for family time! I can't wait for our family road trip this weekend!!!

Regina said...

Your hair is beautiful!

Regina said...

hey - what does that mean? "schönes wetter. schönes wochenende."

Rachel said...

nice weather nice week-end