Monday, October 20, 2008

Road Trip!!

I went to the Ruhrgebiet this week-end to visit some buddies. We made it into a road trip and it was a blast. The Ruhrgebiet is this part of Germany that had a lot of coal and really boomed in population during the Industrial Revolution (or thereabouts?), but the deluge has since declined and the residents of these many, compacted cities are so affluent as in their glory days.

Stuff the Ruhrgebiet has:
  • great currywurst (apparently)
  • hills of discarded sediment, on one of which this structure (picture top left and bottom right) was built
  • areas that look like one town, but there's signs that state where one city is ending and another beginning
  • the biggest mall in germany (we did not make a stop there)
  • that's all I got for now.
this is kind-of a messed up post. I'm not fixing it now.


Mandie P said...

you forgot to mention- Hilter and whiskey!

Regina said...

what a view!