Friday, October 10, 2008

VwaV Carrot Bisque

On that forum that I visit, they've got filters for bad words that are generally food related. For example: masterbate = stroganoff and fuck = fork and bitch = bisque, so you can imagine how I might be giggling when I talk about that awesome bisque I had last night. I can't say that it was the best thing ever... because all the VwaV soups are so.forking.good!!

VwaV carrot bisque with a brötchen.

This week-end I'm going to Aachen to visit the family (not the former folks I lived with, silly!) and then to Bonn for a CS brunch. I was a little freaked out about money and stuff, but when my host father paid me this morning, he gave me money for last week too! I told him, "But I didn't work last week." "Oh, that's alright," he replied. " There may be another week where we'll need you more often." So, basically he's bribing me (is that bribing? or is there a better term?), but I'm totally okay with that. He's named a good price.

When my host father was re-arranging my room yesterday (more on that later), he kept talking about getting rid of my huge bed and getting a smaller one so I could fit a desk and couch or chair in there. I said, "No way, man!" (alright, i didn't call him "man") "I love the huge bed! In my last host family, I had to sleep on this couch thing." [see this post] My host father responded, "You what?! Rachel, that's not right." It'd never occured to me before, but he's absolutely correct. If I'm going to be living somewhere for a year, I need to be given an actual mattress to sleep on and not whatever my host family has got lying around. For all the preaching I do to other aupairs about asserting their rights, I can't believe how often I don't stand up for my own.


Regina said...

I use my king size bed as a combination bed/desk/dinner table. A great place for carrot bisque and brotchen. Remember the carrot soup I used to make? Perfect forkin autumn food.

Mandie P said...

wait- are you in Aachen now?!? why am I asking you this on here? I am calling you now... said...

that's cool that he gave you more money! he's right though, you probably deserve it more than you know.
does it bother you a bit that he was rearranging your room? I would be a bit peeved if someone were to do stuff in my quarters. I don't know. I'm just a bisque like that, I guess.

Rachel said...

meh.... I'll give more info about that later when my room is photograph-able. I brought back a lot of my stuff that was sitting in a friend's basement in Aachen this last week-end and that's laying everywhere + the walls are bare. It's for the better. I do agree with you though, celine. I eagerly await the day that it's MY place and MY stuff to rearrange MYself.